Friday, July 15, 2016


Dang Lan is an accomplished musician, singer and actor skilled in traditional Vietnamese music and theatre. She studied literature and philosophy at Saigon University - Vietnam. She also studied traditional Vietnamese instruments, specialising in Dan Tranh ( sixteen-string zither) as well as Dan Doc Huyen (monochord) and Sinh Tien (wood & coin clappers)

In Saigon Dang Lan performed on stage and television in the north Vietnamese opera genre, singing and playing instruments. She has also performed in USA, Canada,  Noumea.

Since coming to Australia, she has performed regularly for the Vietnamese Community, Multicultural shows, has appeared in documentaries and features For ABC, SBS Television, Channel 7 (duo performance playing Turkish music) & has worked as a presenter and a singer on SBS radio from1977-1990, the Vietnamese programme on radio 2B FM and Pay TV and most recently a CD album recording with Tony Martin for Urban Theatre.

Dang Lan has also been recorded for the CD album Twenty Favourite Songs of Vietnam in 1980 (for an Australian private production).

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