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Minh Hà - Bamboo Xylophone
The Inaugural Festival of Vietnamese Traditional Music in Australia is a unique show case of Vietnamese traditional music in the Australian context involving musicians and academics from different states of Australia. It aims to share the knowledge and talents of performers and researchers in Vietnamese music to both Vietnamese Australians and the wider
Đăng Lan
community. It also aims to preserve and develop Vietnamese traditional music in Australia, to continue a musical tradition which has been developed for over four thousand years and to contribute to the beauty and diversity of Australian musical culture and activities.

Vietnamese traditional music is highly diverse, including imperial court music & songs, folk music & songs, ritual music & songs, and entertainment music & songs. It has distinctive musical characteristics which combine both native and international traits.
Dang Thao Ensemble
with Đăng Thảo, Ros Hewton, Kim Trần & Tom Võ -
Zither, Monochord & Battle Drum

The Inaugural Festival of Vietnamese Traditional Music in Australia organised by the Centre for Studies of Vietnamese Traditional Music – Australia with the support of the Elder Conservatorium of Music – University of Adelaide.

The Festival will be held at The University of Adelaide / Music Department on Sunday, October 16th, 2016. The Festival will feature Presentations, Workshops and a Concert. The Concert will be held in Elder Hall - The Unviersity of Adelaide from 7.00 to 10.00 pm

We are thrilled to have the participation of the following artists from

Phạm Ánh Linh - Long Board Zither
  • Minh Hà (Graduated from Saigon Conservatorium) ‐ Tr'ưng (bamboo xylophone), Đàn đá (lithophone), Tranh (Zither), Độc Huyền (monochord)
  • Đăng Lan (popular singer) ‐ folksongs and ritual songs
  • Lê Tuyên (Teaching Fellow - School of Music Australian National University) - Classical Guitar
  • Phạm Ánh Linh - Zither & Monochord
  • Hoài Hương - Traditional Music Group
  • Geraldine Balcazar - Traditional Dancer
  • Hoa Dang Traditional Dance Group
  • Thu Hiền (Popular Zither Player) ‐ Tranh (Zither), playing different styles
  • Trần Tấn Tài - Guitar
Mộng Liên
  • Minh Dương (Graduated from Vietnam Conservatorium) ‐ Sáo trúc (bamboo flutes) from different ethnic groups in Vietnam
  • Âu Cơ Traditional Dance Group

  • Đăng Thảo Ensemble
  • Đăng Thảo (Graduated from Saigon Conservatorium & Adelaide Uni) - Tranh (Zither), Độc Huyền (monochord), Sáo trúc (bamboo flutes) & Classical Guitar, Mandolin
  • Ros Hewton (Music teacher) ‐ Piano / Keyboard
  • Kim Trần ‐ Singer
  • Tom Võ - Trống Chiến (Battle Drum)
  • Mộng Liên - Singer
  • Anh Chương - Singer
  • Quốc Loan - Singer
  • Mỹ Dung - Singer
  • Chu Thy - Singer
Anh Chương
Minh Dương - Bamboo Flutes
Thu Hiền (Tranh) & Trần Tấn Tài (Guitar)

Đăng Thảo - 22 Stringed Zither
Guihangtar - Lê-Tuyên & Salil Sachdev
Âu Cơ Melbourne Dance Group
Geraldine Balcẵr

Mỷ Dung

Đăng Thảo performs "Xuan Này Con Không Về" (I Won't Be Home This New Year) on the Đàn Tranh (Vietnamese Long Board Zither)

Fan Dance by Âu Cơ Dance Group
"Âm Vang Hạnh Phúc" (The Sound of Joy) -
Music by Đăng Thảo & Dang Thao Ensemble

Le-Tuyen Nguyen's - "Nocturne" Staccato Harmonic Duotone Technique - Darwin International Guitar Festival Charles Darwin University  

Minh Dương - Solo Bamboo Flute: "Packhorses Taking Supplies"

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