Friday, July 22, 2016


Members: Ngọc Dung, Ngọc Hạnh, Thanh Mai, Thanh Hương, Windy, Thủy Chu, Natasha, Dáng Thơ, Uyên Di, Thúy Lan, Phương Yến, Tina.

Âu Cơ Melbourne Dance Group was established in 2011. The group is made up of 12 dancers who love to dance. It is a colourful and exciting group. The members are dedicated and enjoy belonging to a group and performing at a variety of functions and Festivals e.g. Multicultural Festivals, Community Functions, Nursing Homes, Educational and Charity Fundraising events, around Victoria and interstate. Through dance, it embarks on a mission to support Multiculturalism and harmony in society. It also aims to maintain and promote the beauty and distinctive aspects of Vietnamese culture.

Fan Dance by Âu Cơ Melbourne Dance Group
"Âm Vang Hạnh Phúc" (The Sound of Joy) -
Music & Perfoorming by Đăng Thảo & Dang Thao Ensemble

Lý Nuôi Ong và Lý Ngựa Ô Dance - Âu Cơ Melbourne Dance Group

Cherry Blossoms Dance - Au Co Melbourne Dance Group

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  1. The first song that Âu Cơ ever danced and performed widely was The Sound Of Joy music by Mr Đăng Thảo. I remembered Tina and I just had just forming the group then. I convinced them this is the piece of music that will kick start our practice, because in my head the choreography will have all the basic movements, those will set us up for other dances later on.
    I love Đăng Thảo's music, love his new take on Vietnamese traditional music, love how he integrates the tabla into most of his pieces of music and especially The Sound Of Joy. I was lucky enough to have been trained by the most gracious dancer, so I tried to show all the then new Âu Cơ members almost all what I new. People opposed a little, because they weren't used to dancing without lyrics but it didn't take much convincing to change their minds. We all love it at the end. We ended up performing in the great Melbourne Town Hall as in the clip. There were few changes with members in Âu Cơ but we still kept in touch and being close.

    This clip took me right down the memories lane!
    Good luck to Âu Cơ as they will perform tomorrow's night.
    Uyên Di