Friday, July 22, 2016


  • Trần Thị Mộng Liên (Stage Name: Mộng Liên)
  • An actress, for the Australian film “Deck Dogz (2005), and the plays "Meat Party".
  • Singer / actress / playwright for many community charity concerts (e.g. Fund raising for Hospital Research Foundation, fund raising for Cancer Foundation, fund raising to help Vietnamese veterans and vulnerable & less fortunate Vietnamese people in Vietnam including orphans, isolated and / or disabled elderly.
  •  Member of The Vietnamese Literature and Arts Association of South Australia Inc., a non-profit group (Hội Văn Học Nghệ Thuật Nam Úc).
  • Graduated from Bachelor of Nursing in 1995, Bachelor of Midwifery in 1998, and Post Graduate in Child & Adolescent Family Health in 2007.
  • I have  loved acting & singing my whole life as music makes me feel happy

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